Playing Chicken

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chickensDid you ever play chicken when you were a kid? Do you know what playing chicken means? According to Wikipedia, the “chicken game” is also known by other names, including “hawk-dove” and “snowdrift” – although I’ve never personally heard of these varients.

Basically, it is a game that had it’s origins in having two driver drive towards one another, and if one swerves they are called a chicken. Basically, if you aren’t ready to die, you are a chicken.

But why a chicken? Are chickens inherently cowards. I find this interesting because if anyone has spent time around a mother hen, you know that she is not cowardly at all. I’ve seen mother hens attack animals (and children) much larger than herself in order to protect her chicks.

Playing chicken has been often portrayed in the movies, including in Footloose and Rebel Without a Cause. This has unfortunately glamorized a particularly dangerous game!

The game of Chicken has been researched quite extensively by students of game theory. However, these researchers use mathematical equations to conduct their research, not cars. The Hawk-Dove version is often referred to in biological literature.

It is also often used in relationship to brinkmanship in high conflict situations in the political sphere. In the end, it has to do with the escalation of conflict, and where the ultimate prize of victory often carries a very high, and dangerous cost.

But given what I know about chickens, I think the game is misnamed. In reality, chickens can be very brave creatures, and perhaps it is the winner who should be called a chicken in this game. Or even better, perhaps we should abandon playing the game altogether!

Pulling the Rug from Right Out Under You

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rugHave you ever heard someone use a phrase about pulling the rug from right out under you? I was wondering if this was related to some kind of game, but actually, according to, it isn’t necessarily. There isn’t much information about the origin of the word, but it is likely American in origin, and probably from the 19th century.

We of course know that it means – to surprise someone by making an unanticipated move. No one wants this to happen to them, of course. Although it could have originated from a game, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence supporting this!

Should You Get An Infrared Or A Convection Electric Garage Heater?

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One of the most underused but potentially valuable space in any home during the winter months is the garage. This is generally due to the fact that it is just to cold in them to be there for any amount of time. If you install an electric garage heater into this space, you can transform a neglected space into a quite valuable one.

When it comes to electric garage heaters there are two types of heating elements infrared/radiant or convection. A closer look at both the models is merited to decide which will be the best for your situation.

What Are Infrared Heaters?

Infrared electric heaters rely on electromagnetic waves that transfer thermal energy. In other words, with an infrared heater an object or body is heated, while with convection heaters, the entire room is heated. So the first decision you will need to make before purchasing a garage heaters is do you want the heater to heat a specific spot while you are in your garage or do you want to heat the entire garage while you are in it? For those who choose a convection heater, knowing the exact size of the space and doing the right space calculations is important before you purchase your heater. Fortunately, many retailers have online calculators that you can use so that you are able to calculate the precise space to be heated.

There are different ways to install your electric garage heater inside your garage too. Some are designed to be wall-mounted or pole-mounted, while others are stand-alone units. They are also made of many different materials, including metal, ceramic, quartz and open coils. The best electric garage heaters are usually ceramic or quartz varieties. Why is this? Because ceramic and quartz elements generate an even, gentle heat within an enclosed space.

The unit heaters are the most common heaters used, this is because they are commercial grade and heat the garage the fastest. However, keep in mind that some commercial grade heaters can be quite loud as well because of their large fan and motor and capability to heat the air fast. Generally these models will be mounted either on a ceiling or a wall using brackets.

However, there are also many wall heaters to choose from that may be a good choice for a medium or smaller sized garage space. They are usually mounted from a wall stud and the smaller fan and motor make them much quieter. For garages with little available wall space, a ceiling heater will be a better choice. However, they have a down side in that they require the ceiling to be completely finished in order to work most efficiently. This is because if the ceiling is unfinished, much of the air will be lost into the beams and joist instead.

The electric garage heaters that are wall mounted are either controlled by a built-in or wall mounted thermostat. Depending on the model, you may have the option of either type or only have one that comes standard with the unit. You should keep this feature in mind when you are making your selection.

In conclusion, keep in mind that best electric garage heaters are manufactured specifically for the use of heating large garage spaces.

Wooden Rocking Horses And Ponies For Young Kids

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One of the best gifts you can give a young child is a wooden rocking horse. Given the large selection these days, it can be hard to choose the right rocking horse for your child, and here are some tips to help you narrow down your choice. Visit rocking horses for sale where you can see some great examples of quality rocking horses, including a large rocking horse available on the web.

There is actually a very long historical tradition dating back centuries for the rocking horse. There is an important historical reason that rocking horses were popular centuries ago. Rocking horses emerged during an era when riding a horse was considered a necessary skill for nearly everyone to know. A toy horse encouraged children to imitate adult equestrian skills in their play.

King Charles the first of England is thought by many to have had the first rocking horse toy, or at least the oldest one still in existance. A century ago, a rocking horse would have been quite simple in design and made from wood. Later on, as carpentry techniques developed, horses appeared with more elaborately carved legs and more realistic features. Today’s rocking horses often have tails made from real horse hair and some may even make sounds that mimic a real life horse. However, with the emergence of more complicated models there has also be a growing interest in the more simpler, handcrafted models as well.

However, there are more reasons that parents find these to be great gifts for their children. The main reason is likely just because most children really enjoy rocking on a toy horse. Riding a toy horse is not difficult for most children, either. Rocking horse also helps children improve their motor skills. The effort put into the rocking motion helps develop a child’s sense of balance.

There are many different types of rocking horses these days to purchase. Wooden rocking horses were the first kind of toy horse manufactured. There are a huge variety of wooden rocking horses to select from these days. It is not hard to find a traditional style rocking horse to suite nearly any room decor.

However, these days there are also many other styles of rocking horses to choose from, including plush versions. Plush rocking horses are soft and cuddly versions of the toy rocking horse. Some plush rocking horses even make music or sounds when a child is riding it. Younger children really tend to love the plush versions. In addition, there are spring rocking horses, where a rocking horse is attached to metal coils. You will find children’s toy horses that stand on four legs and actually walk as well. The variety of toy horses available these days is quite amazing!

When you are shopping for a rocking horse always keep in mind that size is an important factor. There are models built for very small ones, as well as large rocking horses for older children. And there are not just rocking horses available, but many other animals types as well to choose from these days. Rocking toys made to resemble dinosaurs, panda bears, elephants, bulls and giraffes are also very popular. You should also remember that adults should supervise the riding of these toys by young children.

A discussion of why rocking horses make great presents for kids.

The Many Benefits Of Doll Houses For Children

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The wooden doll house has been a classic Christmas gift for well over a century now. In fact, the image of a young girl finding a doll house near the family Christmas tree is a classic image reproduced time and time again in movies and pictures. However, doll houses are not simply beautiful toys, but also important ways to encourage young children to engage in imaginative play and develop their social skills.

Although doll houses have been around for centuries, they way they look has evolved significantly from the model of Victorian mansions to more modern housing designs and architecture, including in terms of furniture and interior design. Doll houses build in past centuries may have actually never been played with, since many were built for wealthy families who were interested in perserving their value by placing them in display cases and not allowing young children to play or touch their delicate parts. Even today, there are collector edition wooden doll houses that are built more for shows and collectors than for young children. These doll houses are simply too fragile and expensive to be played with on a daily basis. For examples of some of the beautiful doll houses currently available for sale, go to the wooden doll houses site. There you will find some great victorian doll houses.

Fortunately, you now have a lot more options when it comes to choosing a doll house than your grandparents did. Doll houses have now become one of the most favorite toys for young girls (and some young boys love them as well), and they are common presents for birthdays and holidays. Playing with a miniature house creates a whole new world for children who love to imitate their own family’s life inside their little doll house home. Some of the modern doll house designs will have multiple floor levels and several bedrooms, and you may even find a doll house that closely mirrors the home you currently live in.

Today there are a variety of dollhouses available in the market. You will find wooden ones and plastic ones of different sizes and in different price ranges, sure to fit almost any budget. The best quaility ones are often made from wood, but today’s wooden doll houses need not be fragile works of art. Not only can your children play with them for years to come, but they will likely become heirlooms and passed down for generations. You should be sure to purchase one that is made from nontoxic materials and paints, and you may even want to consider one that uses recycled materials to make sure that it is truly environmentally friendly. You can even find some portable doll house models. You will find that young children often really enjoy folding these doll houses open and closed. For those looking for more affordable doll house models, plastic houses are an option. If your child will be playing with a doll house outside, plastic models are definitely prefered.

Furniture and doll house people should be purchased for most doll houses as well. Depending on the type of doll house you get, you may add to your furniture collection over the years as well, and you will find the variety of items that can be purchased is extensive and includes tiny appliances as well as many other common household items.

Doll house play is important both from an imaginative and social perspective.. They help encourage making new friends. All in all, doll houses are a wonderful addition to almost any family.

Some Dog Travel Trips

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If you are a dog owner, your pet is likely a very important part of your life. For that reason, it can frequently be difficult to be separated from them in the course of extended trips and several pet owners instead prefer to take their pets along whilst they travel. Here are a couple of hints one can follow for a safe and happy traveling with their pets. For those who love working with animals, you may want to look into veterinary technician schools. A veterinary assistant training. The veterinary assistant salary is lower than a vet tech, but both of the fields provide the joys of working with pets on a daily basis.

To begin, make sure to take the pet to the local veterinarian two days prior to the departure and get a total medical examination.
Don’t take the dog on the journey if the veterinarian advises that the pet dog just isn’t healthy sufficient for a trip. Long trips can be extremely stressful for your pets, so be sure they’re wholesome enough to travel.

Also, check to make sure your pet is up to date on all of his shots. You may want vaccination records depending on where you might be traveling, and you need to be sure to take copies of all of the relevant papers and documents you may need to have.

Bear in mind the collar along with the tags too. Ensure that there is no chance of an identification crisis if the pet gets lost during your trip.

If the mode of transport is automobile, get the puppy used to this before hand if at all achievable. Take your dog for brief rides and train them to sit at one location. Dogs are really smart animals and they’ll be able to abide by your directions and most adore to travel in a vehicle too.

Also, carry a crate if the pet dog is comfy with it. They’re good in terms of safety of the pet. Maintain the vehicle well ventilated during the travel. Be certain that there is totally free flow of air into the crate. Keep away from continuous long runs and take breaks at typical intervals.

If the mode of transport is a plane, then a crate is likely mandatory. Be sure you have all of the important documents such as but not limited to well being certificates, registration proof and extra. Contact the concerned airlines prior to the journey and make particular arrangements. Keep in mind that each airlines will have their own set of rules in this regard.

After your trip: If you notice in strange behavior after returning house from your trip, you must take your four-legged friend to the local veterinarian as soon as possible. The dog might have contacted some illnesses throughout the course of the journey.

Just following these few tips can make a huge difference in terms of having a pleasant trip experience with your dog.

Some Great Games For Your PlayStation

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One of the most dynamic gaming consoles on the market is the PlayStation 3. Unlike the Xbox 360, there is little need for constant PS3 repairs to be done and it little issues with PS3 overheating. That means that there is more time for your games!

The Sony PlayStation has some amazing components to it that makes your gaming experience really fantastic. This includes things like the Blu-Ray DVD player, the ability to connect to WiFi hotspots and in your house, the fact that it is easily integrated with Bluetooth 2.0 and that it also has HDMI support.

The SonyPlaystation does cost a little more than many other gaming consoles, but in our view, it is well worth the extra cost!

So let’s just assume you have your new Sony PlayStation 3 in hand. What games should you play on it? Here are four great games that you should definitely think about giving a try. Some of them even have demo versions available online, so you can try them out first before you buy them and also experience the joys of online multiplayer gaming.

Here are four of our top selections:

1. Final Fantasy XIII. This is, believe it or not, the thirteenth in the well known series. For those of you who are acquainted with earlier versions, you should know that in many ways this is like Final Fantasy VII – but the graphics and game play is more sophisticated and in depth.

2. God of War 3. This version, we believe, is much improved over earlier installments. In God of War 3, Kratos can use a variety of spells and weapons that will help you (hopefully) eventually defeat the Gods!

3. Tomb Raider Underworld. Who doesn’t love Lara Croft? In this version, motion capture technology is used to create a very realistic feel to the game. One of the best ever!

4. Resistance: The Fall of Man. This is probably one of the hardest games of all time! If you play online, you will be able to play with as many as 40 other PlayStation 3 players at the same time!

So there you have four great games to get you started on your new PlayStation 3. These four games should keep you happily occupied for hours – but if you are looking for more suggestions, check back again here soon for the best in PS3 gaming news and repair help as well!

Looking At Your Options For Litter Box Furniture

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One of the hottest pet items in recent years has been furniture designed specifically to hide a cat litter box inside. There are several reasons you may want to choose cat litter box furniture for your house, and when you start looking you will definitely find a piece that will suit the needs of your pet, your house and your budget. One of the main reasons to purchase litter box furniture for your household is to hide away ugly litter boxes and reduce cat odors in your home. You can go to litter box furniture reviews to learn more about these and other cat litter box furniture unit and systems, including catgenie 120 reviews and other great litter box solutions.

Here are just a few examples of the many different types of litter box furniture currently available for sale:

1) A Hidden Cat Litter Box Plant Pot. If you like the look of terracotta pots in your house, then you may like to invest in a cat litter box that looks like a plant pot. The “clay” pot is actually made from propylene and it opens up to reveal space for a full sized cat litter tray. The opening is wide enough for all cats, large or small. If you position it in your residence so that it faces the wall, visitors will not even know that there is a litter box inside!

Another option is a mahogany wooden litter box cabinet. If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your house, this might be an excellent choice for you. These are often made to look like a bench or a cabinet, and are very unobtrusive as well. Cats generally go in and out of the bench or cabinet using a side opening. One advantage of these units is they are usually quite large inside and some even have additional storage space. Also, these cabinets give your cat privacy while hiding the tray in a beautiful piece of furniture. Some of these cabinets also have drawers for storing cat cleaning tools or other items.

3) A Charming White Litter Box Cabinet. For a residence that has a lot of white painted furniture, this is a good choice. Many of these look great in a bathroom or can easily serve as a night stand. The Merry Pet Cat Washroom is an example of an unit that looks like a night stand. It features a cupboard that has a large opening at the front where your cat can enter and leave. This is another nice sized unit that can easy hold a standard sized kitty litter tray. You also have extra storage space for any pet accessories such as extra cat litter or a dustpan and brush set.

Given the variety of different cat litter box furniture unites, there is no doubt that you can find a model that will fit well with your existing furniture. There really is no reason to have your cat litter box out in the open with all the options available these days. Most cats will have no problem adapting to these furniture units and may will actually prefer them because they are private and quite places to “do their business.”

Some Mobility Options For Disabled Older Persons

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If you live far away from your elderly parents and are not able to be near them as frequently as you like, you can take solace in knowing that are being taken care of with the aide of a chair lift in their house. As people get older, their bones become much more fragile and falls can become quite dangerous and even deadly. In addition, many seniors suffer from arthritic problems in their knees which can make going up and down stairs very painful.

To get around these dangers, some seniors only think the possible solution to the situation is to move away from their loved homes. There is one very important solution, however, and that is installing a stair chair in the home instead.

Many times, senior citizens stay in the same residence for many decades, without the desire to move into an assisted care facility. By have a chair lift installed in your parent’s home, you won’t have to worry about them walking up or down the stairs or only being limited to one floor in their own home. Many children struggle with the fear of their parents suffering from falls. With the installation of a chair lift, you are giving your parents the freedom and independence to be able to move about their homes and be able to sleep in their own comfortable bed. You and your parents will both be much happier with this option once it has been installed in their home.

You can frequently find a good stair lifts for the elderly retailer nearby by doing an online search. Most companies do a free in-home estimate and will have the price quote to you usually immediately. Depending on the format of your parents’ staircase as well as the length of the stairs, installation can usually be done in a couple of days. If the stairway is complicated and has a corner involved, you may need two different tracks and chairs. You will only need one installed if you have a curved staircase. You won’t have to worry about using the stairs, either, since most stair chairs will fold flat against the wall when not in use. For more details visit: this website.

You will sleep better knowing your parents are safe with a stair chair in their house, and they will be much happier as well with the solution to their mobility problems.