Looking At Your Options For Litter Box Furniture

By owner

One of the hottest pet items in recent years has been furniture designed specifically to hide a cat litter box inside. There are several reasons you may want to choose cat litter box furniture for your house, and when you start looking you will definitely find a piece that will suit the needs of your pet, your house and your budget. One of the main reasons to purchase litter box furniture for your household is to hide away ugly litter boxes and reduce cat odors in your home. You can go to litter box furniture reviews to learn more about these and other cat litter box furniture unit and systems, including catgenie 120 reviews and other great litter box solutions.

Here are just a few examples of the many different types of litter box furniture currently available for sale:

1) A Hidden Cat Litter Box Plant Pot. If you like the look of terracotta pots in your house, then you may like to invest in a cat litter box that looks like a plant pot. The “clay” pot is actually made from propylene and it opens up to reveal space for a full sized cat litter tray. The opening is wide enough for all cats, large or small. If you position it in your residence so that it faces the wall, visitors will not even know that there is a litter box inside!

Another option is a mahogany wooden litter box cabinet. If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your house, this might be an excellent choice for you. These are often made to look like a bench or a cabinet, and are very unobtrusive as well. Cats generally go in and out of the bench or cabinet using a side opening. One advantage of these units is they are usually quite large inside and some even have additional storage space. Also, these cabinets give your cat privacy while hiding the tray in a beautiful piece of furniture. Some of these cabinets also have drawers for storing cat cleaning tools or other items.

3) A Charming White Litter Box Cabinet. For a residence that has a lot of white painted furniture, this is a good choice. Many of these look great in a bathroom or can easily serve as a night stand. The Merry Pet Cat Washroom is an example of an unit that looks like a night stand. It features a cupboard that has a large opening at the front where your cat can enter and leave. This is another nice sized unit that can easy hold a standard sized kitty litter tray. You also have extra storage space for any pet accessories such as extra cat litter or a dustpan and brush set.

Given the variety of different cat litter box furniture unites, there is no doubt that you can find a model that will fit well with your existing furniture. There really is no reason to have your cat litter box out in the open with all the options available these days. Most cats will have no problem adapting to these furniture units and may will actually prefer them because they are private and quite places to “do their business.”