Some Mobility Options For Disabled Older Persons

By owner

If you live far away from your elderly parents and are not able to be near them as frequently as you like, you can take solace in knowing that are being taken care of with the aide of a chair lift in their house. As people get older, their bones become much more fragile and falls can become quite dangerous and even deadly. In addition, many seniors suffer from arthritic problems in their knees which can make going up and down stairs very painful.

To get around these dangers, some seniors only think the possible solution to the situation is to move away from their loved homes. There is one very important solution, however, and that is installing a stair chair in the home instead.

Many times, senior citizens stay in the same residence for many decades, without the desire to move into an assisted care facility. By have a chair lift installed in your parent’s home, you won’t have to worry about them walking up or down the stairs or only being limited to one floor in their own home. Many children struggle with the fear of their parents suffering from falls. With the installation of a chair lift, you are giving your parents the freedom and independence to be able to move about their homes and be able to sleep in their own comfortable bed. You and your parents will both be much happier with this option once it has been installed in their home.

You can frequently find a good stair lifts for the elderly retailer nearby by doing an online search. Most companies do a free in-home estimate and will have the price quote to you usually immediately. Depending on the format of your parents’ staircase as well as the length of the stairs, installation can usually be done in a couple of days. If the stairway is complicated and has a corner involved, you may need two different tracks and chairs. You will only need one installed if you have a curved staircase. You won’t have to worry about using the stairs, either, since most stair chairs will fold flat against the wall when not in use. For more details visit: this website.

You will sleep better knowing your parents are safe with a stair chair in their house, and they will be much happier as well with the solution to their mobility problems.