Wooden Rocking Horses And Ponies For Young Kids

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One of the best gifts you can give a young child is a wooden rocking horse. Given the large selection these days, it can be hard to choose the right rocking horse for your child, and here are some tips to help you narrow down your choice. Visit rocking horses for sale where you can see some great examples of quality rocking horses, including a large rocking horse available on the web.

There is actually a very long historical tradition dating back centuries for the rocking horse. There is an important historical reason that rocking horses were popular centuries ago. Rocking horses emerged during an era when riding a horse was considered a necessary skill for nearly everyone to know. A toy horse encouraged children to imitate adult equestrian skills in their play.

King Charles the first of England is thought by many to have had the first rocking horse toy, or at least the oldest one still in existance. A century ago, a rocking horse would have been quite simple in design and made from wood. Later on, as carpentry techniques developed, horses appeared with more elaborately carved legs and more realistic features. Today’s rocking horses often have tails made from real horse hair and some may even make sounds that mimic a real life horse. However, with the emergence of more complicated models there has also be a growing interest in the more simpler, handcrafted models as well.

However, there are more reasons that parents find these to be great gifts for their children. The main reason is likely just because most children really enjoy rocking on a toy horse. Riding a toy horse is not difficult for most children, either. Rocking horse also helps children improve their motor skills. The effort put into the rocking motion helps develop a child’s sense of balance.

There are many different types of rocking horses these days to purchase. Wooden rocking horses were the first kind of toy horse manufactured. There are a huge variety of wooden rocking horses to select from these days. It is not hard to find a traditional style rocking horse to suite nearly any room decor.

However, these days there are also many other styles of rocking horses to choose from, including plush versions. Plush rocking horses are soft and cuddly versions of the toy rocking horse. Some plush rocking horses even make music or sounds when a child is riding it. Younger children really tend to love the plush versions. In addition, there are spring rocking horses, where a rocking horse is attached to metal coils. You will find children’s toy horses that stand on four legs and actually walk as well. The variety of toy horses available these days is quite amazing!

When you are shopping for a rocking horse always keep in mind that size is an important factor. There are models built for very small ones, as well as large rocking horses for older children. And there are not just rocking horses available, but many other animals types as well to choose from these days. Rocking toys made to resemble dinosaurs, panda bears, elephants, bulls and giraffes are also very popular. You should also remember that adults should supervise the riding of these toys by young children.

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